3 Reasons why Avast is Blocking Websites

Avast does a good job protecting your data. Sometimes even too good – the antivirus may keep you from browsing trusted websites. The issue is quite common and often comes from a program bug. Below are three major reasons why Avast suddenly starts blocking URLs.   Avast Real Site Previously known as Secure DNS, the … Continue reading “3 Reasons why Avast is Blocking Websites”

Netflix Error NW-3-6 – 3 Easy Solutions

If you’re an active Netflix subscriber, you’ve probably stumbled upon some of its issues by now. Usually, they’re connected with network quality, software glitches, or hardware. The service also has to be occasionally shut down for maintenance. One of the common problems you may come across is the NW-3-6 error. But lies behind it? All … Continue reading “Netflix Error NW-3-6 – 3 Easy Solutions”