Netflix Error NW-3-6 – 3 Easy Solutions

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If you’re an active Netflix subscriber, you’ve probably stumbled upon some of its issues by now. Usually, they’re connected with network quality, software glitches, or hardware. The service also has to be occasionally shut down for maintenance. One of the common problems you may come across is the NW-3-6 error. But lies behind it?

All errors that begin with NW indicate a certain connection problem. That’s why when the Netflix error NW-3-6 pops up, a message appears saying that you can’t connect to the service at the moment.

If you keep having this error, then you’re most likely dealing with an internet configuration issue. The device fails to reach out to your home network, so there’s no Netflix and chill for you unless you do some troubleshooting.

Fixing the error

One of the tips below should help you deal with the problem:

Unplug and restart the router

Begin with unplugging the device you’re using and turning the internet off for 20-40 seconds just to be sure. Then turn the device back on and reconnect to the service. Hopefully, the error will disappear so you can binge-watch your favorite series like nothing happened. If not, the next tip may be your solution.

Restore network defaults

If you set up a proxy server or VPN to watch a movie unavailable in your region, try to restore the connection settings back to default. Sometimes Netflix doesn’t recognize servers used by VPN apps. If you use your device with custom DNS settings, try setting it to automatically obtain DNS server addresses.

If this solves the issue, you can try and reconnect through VPN later, switching to another country. If the error message persists, take the radical approach.

Try direct modem connection

Sometimes the wireless connection can also cause network hiccups. So take the Ethernet cable and plug it directly into the device you’re using, following a step-by-step guide:

– Disconnect the device from the power source.
 – Connect it to the modem through a cable.
 – Turn the modem off for 20 seconds.
 – Turn it back on and wait until it establishes a connection.
 – Turn your device on and reconnect to the Netflix service.

If none of the tips above bring sustainable results, reach out to your provider to make sure there are no problems on their side and blow the dust off of your old DVD player. Pretend like it’s 2005 again.

Sum up

The NW-3-6 error comes from a poor internet connection or faulty network configuration. VPN or proxy can also cause the problem. You can fix it by resetting your device restoring the configuration back to defaults. If your provider is having issues with the internet connection, you won’t be able to access the Netflix library.

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