How to Activate Avast SecureLine VPN Using the Activation Code

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Avast SecureLine VPN guarantees complete privacy, hiding your web activity from everyone, including your Internet service provider. With Avast SecureLine VPN, you can encrypt your internet connection in one click. It supports all operating systems, from Windows to Mac, iOS, and Android. All you need is a license key and activation code.

How SecureLine works

Like all VPNs, Avast SecureLine forms a virtual tunnel over a regular Internet connection, through which data is encrypted using modern protocols. The user accesses the Internet via the provider, but their data is controlled by the VPN server, which encodes and transmits it over an encrypted line to external resources. The data is decoded upon exiting the tunnel.

The provider can’t see what the client is doing online. Plus, SecureLine servers are located in different countries, allowing you to bypass regional restrictions and safely use the internet even on the road.

Benefits of Activating Avast SecureLine VPN

– A single IP address for all clients, which lets you stay invisible online, get access to any content, bypass censorship, and visit blocked websites regardless of their location.

– Confidentiality. The SecureLine utility is based on the open-source OpenVPN protocol and OpenSSL library. This means you’re free to use the entire encryption algorithm available in the library, which guarantees strong cryptography (third parties can’t decrypt your info).

– 256-bit AES encryption, where Advanced Encryption Standard is one of the most used algorithms, a block cipher standard adopted by the US government. Support for ultra-reliable OpenVPN using AES-256-CBC guarantees anonymity and prevents DNS and WebRTC leaks that could reveal information about the client’s identity and online activity.

– Secure internet connection in public places: airports, train stations, cafes, libraries, etc.

– P2P (peer-to-peer) support and robust streaming so all clients can play games on an equal level.

How to activate SecureLine VPN

After the VPN app is installed, enter the Avast SecureLine activation code sent to your email after purchasing the license:

– Run the app by clicking on the desktop shortcut.
 – Click on Menu and go to My licenses.
 – In the Subscription section, click Activate.
 – Paste the copied activation code and click Activate SecureLine.

Avast SecureLine VPN can also be activated with a valid license key or license file.


1) The SecureLine service can’t establish a connection: 
 – Close the app and see how the Internet works without it; 
 – Choose a different location; 
 – Disable third-party VPNs; 
 – Check the license term; 
 – Restart your computer, and if the error persists, reinstall SecureLine VPN.

2) You get a message appears saying that the content is not available: 
 – Go to the Privacy section, open SecureLine VPN, and refresh the page; 
 – Disable other VPNs; 
 – Restart your PC.

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