Avast vs Malwarebytes

Nowadays Avast vs Malwarebytes solutions is the most popular and effective anti-malware tools. In this article, we will try to prove it.

How to choose a good antivirus solution?

The problem of cyber security is acute: while antivirus developers are improving security systems, new malware appears every day, many times more complex than the basic “worms” or “Trojans”. To resist them, it is recommended not only to use high-quality and proven utilities, but follow the rules of the Internet: do not go to questionable sites, and even more so do not download files from them. These actions help reduce the risk of infecting your computer but do not make it zero, so antivirus is a necessary application for the PC.

Objectively, there is no one best antivirus in the world, it is like an ideal gas that does not exist in nature. Each of these programs has its pros and cons. The quality of the program is affected by many factors, some of them even subjective and reflect the personal perception of the user. The following general criteria are suitable even if you are going to download an antivirus for a tablet on Windows 10 and not for a computer. When choosing it is recommended to pay attention to the following points:

  • reliability of protection;
  • q variety of useful features;
  • antivirus resource consumption.

Avast vs Malwarebytes: which one is better?

To define who is the winner in Malwarebytes vs Avast, the main features of each antivirus should be considered.

So, Avast is one of the most famous free antivirus programs. Worldwide, it is preferred by about 200 million users and its popularity is based on the friendly attitude of the developers towards the end-user. Avast Free Antivirus has fairly rich functionality, but the most interesting and not obvious features of this program for Windows are listed below:

  • selective scanning of files,
  • scanning for e-mail viruses,
  • scanning for viruses messages of online messengers,
  • scanning files when downloading from the Internet,
  • “quarantine” mode to isolate “sick” files.
  • scanning at the current time.

Please note that free registration is required for the free antivirus to work. When the program asks for registration, you must enter the necessary data in a special form. There is nothing wrong with that, these are the conditions for using the free program for free.

This antivirus is known for its simple interface and high speed. Avast Free Antivirus works quickly even on low-performance laptops, and Windows 10 further optimizes costs. To use this product, you must register with an email and confirmation that you are the owner.

Malwarebytes antivirus helps detect various threats and rid your computer of them. It should be noted that the solution stands out among other options for the breadth of the database – it includes adware, spyware, vulnerabilities of any level.

The program offers several levels of protection against malware, tools for cleaning your computer, the best options for detecting malware, a system of protection against handicaps. This makes it possible to effectively apply the only solution to protect your PC without resorting to many. Malwarebytes for Windows can be used for free for two weeks, but after the antivirus, capabilities will be significantly limited.

To summarize, Avast has a simple interface but unlike Malwarebytes, it looks more modern, with a clever color scheme that highlights the most important menu areas. The user interface is not overloaded with unnecessary buttons and useless functions. Besides, Avast does not block pop-up banners and pop-ups, and it simply skips some malicious programs.

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